In April 2018 I set up two new apiaries. These two apiaries were located in urban areas, but next to large green spaces with a lot of trees and flowers. Both apiaries were used to educate people and for the training of new beekeepers in the sustainable way of beekeeping. The first Bee-Research Project was running with success. I collected data about Bee Nutrition which will be used for university research.

In June 2019 I had to look for a new space for my bees because the land got sold and the new owner was not interested in having two apiaries on the site. 

In August 2019 I got the chance to setup a new apiary which is located in the countryside. This site is now my main apiary and the hives are only one yard away from a huge clover field. The Farm Estate is run very sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. I am very lucky to keep my bees in such a great area with wildflower meadows, wildlife conservation areas and fields full of amazing crops which will provide an abundance of pollen and nectar for my bees. 

There is the chance of getting more spaces for apiaries which will be also located on the same Farm Estate. My next plan is to find a nice sized woodland area to be able to create a fully working Historical Bee Skep and Log-Hive Apiary. I’m working on it, so watch this space!

There will be more news about the apiaries shortly!