Green Man Honey & Avalon Candles is based near Glastonbury, the Sacred Isle of Avalon. A small company with the highest standards when it comes to working with bees and precious beeswax. I am very proud about the local and National won awards.

I am specialised in Sustainable & Historical Beekeeping as well as in Historical Candle Making.

I am selling high-quality Organic Raw Honeys and Handmade Beeswax Candles. At the moment, I am working on some Amazing Artisan Honey based Foods & Snacks and many other Bee Products. From different kinds of Honey for your breakfast, or to cook and bake with, to delicious Honey-Chutneys and World-Honey-Sweets. You can find a variety of Honey Bee related things in my web shop. I suggest that you visit my web shop from time to time to keep up to date with all my new products, especially handmade for you. There is also the option to visit my stall at different markets and events in the whole of Britain. As soon as there is news about dates and market locations I will post them in the ‘Markets & Events‘ section.

When it comes to harvesting the precious Honey, I always make sure that my bee colonies have more than enough left to stay strong and healthy.

Just the surplus is getting harvested and many of the here offered products are seasonal and strictly limited. I will never compromise the health of my colonies by harvesting more honey than I should. My apiaries are run as sustainable as possible. Bee conservation and sustainability are the fundaments of my way of working with my bees. All my ‘start-up’ bee colonies were sourced from local beekeepers who have the highest standards when it comes to beekeeping. I rear my own queens and build up my own colonies whenever my bees prepare to swarm. More about my Apiaries and Bee Colonies in the ‘Beekeeping’ section.

When you buy my amazing Beeswax Products you can be sure that the Beeswax is 100% sustainable sourced.

I am using Beeswax from my own hives, but I also buy Beeswax from other Beekeepers who run their apiaries by using the same sustainable standards as I do. A lot of beekeepers do not make candles and sell their Beeswax to companies like mine.

I am very active in Bee Conservation, Sustainable & Natural Beekeeping and Bee Research.

As a Zoologist and Scientist, I am very keen on Bee related Research, especially on the subject of Bee-Diseases, Pest Control and Natural Treatments for Honey Bee Colonies. We must change our view about the role of bees as pollinators and we have to realise that without bees and other pollinator insects, our time as humans on this beautiful planet is running out. Another very sad fact is that we destroy our environment and treat mother nature in a very bad way. Because of that, bees need our help to survive. We should never forget that we are dependant on bees in so many ways. Do you want some more information about Bee related Research and Conservation Beekeeping? Please visit the ‘Beekeeping’ section and select the topics to read more about it! 

Historical Beekeeping

I am also very interested in the historical aspect of Beekeeping, the role of bees in different time periods and the cultural impact of bees on the human race. Bees were always part of the human life and culture. From religious believes to the importance of Honey in medicine. Please feel free to visit the ‘Historical Beekeeping’ section for more information about this very interesting subject.

100% Renewable Energy.

When it comes to processing my Beeswax and other products, I am using 100% renewable energy. Most of my electricity comes from solar and wind generated energy.

Award Winning Company

I am very proud of the Awards I received for my products. Each single award is a reminder that if you work hard and produce high quality products, people will appreciate them and that is the best reward possible. Thank you so much for giving a small company such an amazing support! 

Memberships and Insurances.

My Apiaries are registered and listed at the National Bee Unit (Animal & Plant Health Agency) and I am a full member of the following organisations and associations.

BBKA (British Beekeepers Association)
IBRA (International Bee Research Association)
BIBBA (Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association)
HCA (Heritage Crafts Association)

As a Beekeeper I am fully insured through the BBKA which includes a £10 million Public Liability insurance, a third party cover for injuries caused by my bees. I am also fully covered by the Bee Disease Insurance.

My Market Stall and Living History Displays are fully insured through the Combined Market Traders Insurance Association (C.M.T.I.A. Ltd) with a £10 million Public Liability and Product Insurance cover.