In April 2018 I set up two new apiaries. These two apiaries are located in urban areas, but next to large green spaces with a lot of trees and flowers. Both apiaries are used to educate people and for the training of new beekeepers in the sustainable way of beekeeping. The first Bee-Research Project is running with success. It is collecting data about Bee Nutrition which will be used for university research.

It might be that there is the option of getting two more spaces for apiaries which are located in the countryside. Both are perfectly suited for my bees and I would like to set up a top bar hive and a mixed hive apiary. The areas are surrounded by fields, meadows and woodland and a good distance away from any big roads and living areas. I also would love to set up a woodland apiary to be able to place some more Historical Hives in there. Especially Log-Hives are very interesting and I am looking forward to getting deeper inside into this amazing way of keeping bees.

There will be more news about the apiaries shortly!